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Son have lots of activities for everyone and you will be suprised of what you can do for pleasure here.

As the Counsellor, Yvonne Stassen, from the Netherlands Embassy said when she visited Son. «We have been enjoyed a pizza at the lovely place Ristorante24».

«I love the old houses, the heart of the place, water and the nature of Son».

For pleasure or by current events you can do riding, cycling, petanque, singing, sailing, skiing, tennis, golf, children’s theater, cultur school, glass/ceramics, dancing, jewellery/painting, golf, handball, football, skating, conserts, history groups etc etc.

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About Son

Son is located in Vestby Commune, south of Oslo. Vestby Commune has the population of 16 000 people, where 7 000 of them are resident in Son.

Son – the place without Mondays… Links is published and Son also have his own encyclopaedia, a copy you can find at Son Library.


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Son Coastal Culture Centre

Vestby Commune

Walking suggestions in Vestby (Norwegian)

Cross Country suggestions in Son 

Police, Tlf 02800, Emergency number 112

Ambulance, Emergency number 113

Fire, Tlf +47 69 24 78 50, Emergency number 110

Doctor, Tlf +47 69 25 33 33

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