How to travel to Son?

www-sonnorway-no-12How to travel to Son?

Son is located by the Oslofjord, 40 minutes south of Oslo, just north of Moss and 10 miles from Sweden.

Son is easy to get to by public transport, car and bicycle or why not try the boat service from Aker Brygge(Oslo) to Son? You can  return to Oslo by the boat, train or taxi.

The train station for Son is called Sonsveien.

The train correspond with the bus (931 and 932) to Son centre. The airport bus F11 take you directly to Sonsveien from Oslo Airport Gardemoen. Rygge Airport do you reach with taxi.

The nearest airports are

Rygge Airport, approximately 20 minutes by car

Oslo Airport Gardemoen, approximately 1 hour by bus

Torp Airport, approximately 1.5 hours by car

By car the easiest access to Son from Oslo, Moss and Sweden is by the E6 motorway.